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Safety Top 10


Employee morale: Pipelayer’s can be one of the most important variables on the job site. Someone who feels safe and understands that they company that they work for wants the best for them is an important boost for the rest of the crews’ morale.


Saves Export and Import material: Moving spoil may not be the most expensive part of the project and slinging dirt is probably the most fun jobs anyone could ever want, BUT, it is much more fun avoiding the costly part and much less fun of trucking away spoil and importing backfill, which could be at premium pricing. Shoring reduces import and export greatly by providing a fixed, non-sloped, backfill eating trench.


Damage Prevention: Existing infrastructure such as water lines, hydrants, storm sewer, gas, electric, sanitary, structures, etc., etc., etc. (the list is endless). Shoring minimizes the chance that existing “stuff” can get damaged.


OSHA compliance: Excavation fines by OSHA seem to be the ones that earn inspectors a badge of honor. Contractors have many things to worry about on and off the job site, but if they can avoid the OSHA threat of large fines due to excavation safety, shoring is a worry free, simple solution.


Time: Time is money. For all of the above reasons, shoring can save time. A pipelayer is more productive, reducing the loading of trucks saves time, fixing damages takes time, dealing with OSHA takes time and resources.


Trench collapses are very bad publicity, using a form of trench protection helps avoid that. Relationships with the general contractor and a good reputation in general helps the bottom line.


Culture of Safety: There is no more obvious sign of a commitment to safety than seeing a Trench Shield (or Trench Box) on the job site.


Solving Unique Problems: Shoring can be used to creatively solve job site issues. The vast array of shoring and shielding that are available can make life a lot easier given an open mind.


Another Tool in the Toolbox. If it is on the job site, it is much more likely to be used.


Let’s be serious, Trench Shields (Trench Boxes) are just cool.