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Pro-Tec Equipment provides contractors an extensive inventory of trench shielding and shoring products for purchase or rent. Read More

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Pro-Tec Equipment has been a leading, innovative producer and distributor of trench shield (trench box) and trench shoring products since 1995. Safety, wide selection and availability are what we are about. Read More

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Pro-Tec Equipment

Through a network of national and independent distributors in the United States and Canada, Pro-Tec Equipment is able to market this equipment to fulfill the end users’ shoring and shielding needs.

  • Founded in 1995, Pro-Tec Equipment houses a team of highly qualified personnel with over 100 years of combined experience in the trench shoring and shielding industry.
  • 96% of survey respondents would absolutely recommend Pro-Tec Equipment without any reservations
  • 87% of survey respondents rated the quality and durability of the product line as very good or excellent.
  • Dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the customer with on-time delivery, superior product, and post-sale support.