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About Pro-Tec


Pro-Tec Equipment is the leading producer and distributor of a complete line of shielding and shoring equipment. Through a network of national and independent distributors in the United States and Canada, Pro-Tec Equipment is able to market this equipment to fulfill the end users’ shoring and shielding needs. Founded in 1995, Pro-Tec Equipment houses a team of highly qualified personnel with over 100 years of combined experience in the trench shoring and shielding industry. Each employee is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the customer with on-time delivery, superior product, and post-sale support.


  • 78% of survey respondents rated Pro-Tec Equipment’s inside customer service as very good or excellent.
  • 73% rated Pro-Tec Equipment’s speed and accuracy of quotes as very good or excellent.
  • “Good products, salesmen are knowledgeable, inside sales very helpful and accommodating, service has been dependable.”
  • “Great service/great sales staff.”
  • “Very good customer service—I appreciated the responsiveness of getting me the quotes back.”
  • “I have worked with the staff at Pro-Tec Equipment for many years. Nice that they have the same people in place for so long; it speaks well for the company.”
  • “Friendly/knowledgeable/quick response/good products.”


  • 87% of survey respondents rated the quality and durability of the product line as very good or excellent.
  • 74% rated the completeness of the Pro-Tec Equipment line as very good or excellent.
  • “Reliable.”
  • “Quality again.”
  • “Good product offering…”


  • 73% of survey respondents believe there are no areas (or are unsure) that the competition is better than Pro-Tec Equipment.
  • “What separates Pro-Tec [Equipment]…is the attention given to specific projects or particular need we may have.”


  • 83% of survey respondents rated the Pro-Tec Equipment website easy to use.
  • 87% said the Pro-Tec Equipment website provided the needed technical information.
  • 70% use the bi-monthly newsletter as a sales tool.
  • “I use the product brochure and video downloads all the time for customers.”
  • “Easy to find everything we look for.”
  • “Great, informative.”


  • 87% of survey respondents rated the Return On Investment (ROI) of the Pro-Tec Equipment trench shoring line as either average or one of the top lines.

Recommending Pro-Tec Equipment

96% of survey respondents would absolutely recommend Pro-Tec Equipment without any reservations!

Being the leading producer of trench shoring and shielding equipment, Pro-Tec Equipment is poised to help your business grow. Give us a call at 800-292-1225 or contact us here to see what Pro-Tec Equipment can do to help your business become even more successful.