Pro-Tec Equipment | Why Pro-Tec Equipment?

Why Pro-Tec Equipment?


Pro-Tec Equipment is designed with superior quality, safety, dependability and durability in mind. We have continued to expand our range of equipment and services to ensure you, our customer, have what you need to meet the constant challenges you face at the worksite. Your success is our success.


Safe and dependable equipment produced for productivity and engineered for safety

With one of the very best safety records in the industry we believe we offer the best trench shoring equipment and service to be found anywhere. We have been leaders in trench safety for decades.


Wide range of products and services

From lightweight aluminum and steel shields to exceptionally strong and durable eight-inch double wall trench shields, Pro-tec has a range of equipment designed to meet the most exacting requirements for whatever challenges you face.


Available where you need us - in the Americas and worldwide!

We have dealers in every state of the U.S.A, as well as a growing network of international dealers in Canada, South America, Europe and even as far away as Australia.



We are proud to have pioneered some industry firsts, including the first standard 4-point lifting system; the industry’s strongest knife edge, the only U.S.A.-built sheeting and bracing system and many more innovations.


An unrivalled team

When Pro-Tec Equipment was founded, there was a vision of how the company should be run. We knew that to be successful we needed to find dealers who thought like us. Treating employees with respect and guided them to achieve their goals was also a goal. These beliefs mirror those of our parent company, Arcosa Inc., and remain strong to this day. From our manufacturing facility to our sales and rental team, we are unrivaled at all levels by any other shoring manufacturing company.