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Pro-Tec Equipment’s Pro-Grids (formally rumble grids) are safe, portable, low-cost, virtually maintenance-free units that remove mud, dirt and debris from the underbodies and tires of job-site vehicles. When placed at the exits of job sites, rumble grids can provide substantial savings on clean-up costs.

Pro-Grids Reduce site cleanup costs

Rumble-Grid- 3 -on-road
Rumble Grid back

Pro-Grid Features

  • AASHTO HS20-44 rated
  • Sections butt together, no pins required
  • Can also be connected to accommodate uneven terrain
  • 10” deep – extends the time between debris removal
  • Reduces road clean-up cost
  • 8’ x 12’ sections
  • Portable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Recommended that 24' of the Pro-Grids (combination of grids and ramps) be used to provide optimal removal of debris
  • Centered lifting point

Pro-Grid options

  • Optional ramps – allow vehicles to ease on and off of Pro-Grids

Pro-Grid and Ramp

Standard Metric
Height x Length x Width Model Weight
in lbs
10 x 96 x 144 PG-812 2400
10 x 48 x 144 PG-R 970
10 x 84 x 240 PG-720 3500
10 x 48 x 240 PG-R20 1620

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