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Site Access Equipment

Site Access Equipment

Site Access Equipment

Site Access equipment from Pro-Tec Equipment, provide users with cost effective solutions to job site access. Also known as, Pro-Tec Equipment’s above ground equipment, the Site Access Equipment from Pro-Tec Equipment include; Road Plates, Temporary Roads, Matting, Hose Bridges, Temporary Bridges, Pro-Grids, Guard Rails, Ladder Platforms and Fencing.

Each product within the Site Access Equipment is designed to help increase job-site production and\or job-site safety. Learn more below.

Steel Road Plates

Steel Road Plates

Designed with ease of use in mind, Pro-Tec Equipment's Steel Road Plates include flush mounted pick points to allow for easy, balanced handling with no protrusion above the Steel Road Plates surface.  Ideal for contractors, municipalities and utility companies, for use in street crossing, trench covering, temporary access over unstable terrain and avoiding unnecessary back filling.

All of Pro-Tec Equipment's Steel Road Plates are made from A-36 steel


  • A-36 Steel
  • Flush mounted pick plates
  • Half-moon cutouts
  • Balanced lifting points
  • Quick connect tool*
  • Pedestrian safe

*available with rental


Trench widths are based on an analysis per the 14th edition of the "standard specification for highway bridges" by A.A.S.H.T.O.  An assumed axle loading of 12 tons with a 30% impact factor was used.  The axle length is 6 feet; therefore the number of wheels carried by a plate depends on the roadway width.  

Plates shall be secured from lateral movement while in use by means of materials such as asphalt-base cold mix.

Width Length Thickness Weight Parallel "A" Parallel "B" Perpendicular "A" Perpendicular "B"
ft ft in lbs in in in in
4 8 1 1300 24 12 48 24
5 10 1 2160 30 15 60 30
8 10 1 3270 48 24 72 24
8 12 1 4100 48 24 72 36
8 16 1 5220 48 24 72 60
8 20 1 6530 48 24 72 84
10 16 1 6535 48 36 72 60

Steel Road Plates have not been engineered by Pro-Tec Equipment to be used in a trench shoring or trench shielding application.  If used for shoring or shielding, the engineering design is the responsibility of others.

Road plate

Pro-Grids Reduce site cleanup costs

Rumble-Grid- 3 -on-road
Rumble Grid back

Pro-Grid Features

  • AASHTO HS20-44 rated
  • Sections butt together, no pins required
  • Can also be connected to accommodate uneven terrain
  • 10” deep – extends the time between debris removal
  • Reduces road clean-up cost
  • 8’ x 12’ sections
  • Portable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Recommended that 24' of the Pro-Grids (combination of grids and ramps) be used to provide optimal removal of debris
  • Centered lifting point

Pro-Grid options

  • Optional ramps – allow vehicles to ease on and off of Pro-Grids

Pro-Grid and Ramp

Standard Metric
Height x Length x Width Model Weight
in lbs
10 x 96 x 144 PG-812 2400
10 x 48 x 144 PG-R 970
10 x 84 x 240 PG-720 3500
10 x 48 x 240 PG-R20 1620

Ladder Platform



Fold-able and compact, the Platform offered from Pro-Tec Equipment can be used on sheet pile, Slide Rail, and Trench boxes! Featuring a swing through door and a ladder arm, the Platform offers a complete system to allow workers to safely enter and exit a sheet pile, slide rail or trench box excavation.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable front leg for leveling
  • Clamps for use on trench box and slide rail panels
  • Clamps for use on sheet pile
  • Side entry to ladder
  • Collapsible for ease of transporting
Height (folded) Height (unfolded) Width Depth Weight
in in in in lbs
11 43 44 34 215

Fencing System

Fencing System

Fencing System

Lightweight and easy to use, the Fencing System from Pro-Tec Equipment is an alternative to traditional fencing.  Designed with a toe kick, the Pro-Tec Equipment Fencing System is able to be used on trench shield and slide rail panels, as well as on sheet pile projects.  

The unique design of the Fencing System allows fence panels to overlap, enabling a safe and secure excavation.  


  • Toe kick  - so dirt and debris won't easily fall into excavation
  • Clamps for use on sheet pile projects
  • Clamps for use on trench shield and slide rail panels
  • 2" O.D. Post to secure fencing to clamps
  • Overlapping design

Versa Bridge


Versa Bridge

Versa Bridge Features

  • Can be installed in various lengths and widths. Each section is 6’ wide and is available in 10’ increments from 20’ to 50’ in length
  • Can be loaded and unloaded using a light-duty crane or heavy-duty forklift.
  • Designed for easy installation at the job site
  • Each section has four integral pick points that provide stable, balanced lifts using an excavator or mobile crane
  • Manufactured of fully welded steel structures, and steel decking sections are hot-dipped galvanized to prolong life
  • Optional anti-skid surface improves vehicle traction for sure footing
  • Designed to meet loading criteria in accordance with AASHTO-US bridge design code by certified Professional Engineers

Dura-Base Composite Mat System


Build Temporary Roads with Pro-Tec Equipment

With Pro-Tec Equipment's Dura-Base Composite Mat system, you can build a temporary road on a variety surfaces.  From soft soils (muddy areas, swaps, fields) and sensitive areas (running tracks) to environmentally sensitive areas, the Dura-Base Composite Mat system allows you to build a temporary road without laying down tons of stone, wood planking or other stabilizing materials.  

The Dura-Base Mat System provides a cost-effective, safe surface for year-round, all-weather performance. 


- Tread pattern to improve traction of load-bearing vehicles and equipment

- Twist-locks hold mats in place

- Mats conform to uneven terrain

- Overlap lip ensures a constant barrier between the ground and the surface, reducing slippage and movement


Size:   8' x 14' (providing a 7' x 13' pathway)

Thickness:     4.25" 

Weight:      1,050 pounds

Color:     Sand

Working temperature range:   -20̊ to 200̊  F

Material:     High-density polyethylene

Crushing pressure:  600 psi

Ground Protection Mats AlturnaMATS & VersaMATS

Ground Protection Mats

Standard Metric


These rugged mats are made of 1/2" thick polyethylene, making them virtually indestructible! AlturnaMATS feature maximum-traction diamond plate tread design and are able to withstand extreme cold and heat. The 1/2" thick mats are flexible enough to contour to the existing surface conditions, yet strong enough to support 120+ ton vehicles.

Available in black or white, with or without the maximum traction diamond plate design on both sides. Mats connect together to provide roadways or working platforms in minutes.

Clean-up is as simple as hosing them down and letting the Mats dry.  

Ideal for work on:

Golf Courses
Septic Pumping
Traveling on lawns

Size Weight
ft lbs
2 x 4 21.5
2 x 6 32.25
2 x 8 43
3 x 6 51
3 x 8 64.5
4 x 8 86

4 x 8 mats are the most common size.  Turn-A-Links are included to allow mats to be locked together. 


Ground Protection Mats

Standard Metric


Easy to walk on - Safe to Work on - Great to Drive on 

Built out of the same 1/2" thick polyethylene, that makes the AlturnaMATS virtually indestructible, the VersaMATS are literally the most versatile ground protection mats in the industry.   The flat, slip-resistant tread permits pedestrians to walk safely on the mats, yet they are as rugged as the AlturnaMATS.  The reverse side has teh same diamond plate tread as the AlturnaMATS, providing great traction for vehicles.

Available in black or white, the VersaMATS are safe use as long, temporary walkways.  

Ideal for work on:

Golf Courses
Septic Pumping
Traveling on lawn

Size Weight
ft lbs
2 x 8 43
3 x 8 64.5
4 x 8 86

4 x 8 mats are the most common size. Turn-A-Links are included to allow mats to be locked together.


Super Hose Bridges Super Hose Bridge

Super Hose Bridge

Standard Metric

Super Hose Bridge

Rugged and versatile, the Super Hose Bridge enables safe passage for walking and driving over hoses, pipes and beams. Designed with a low angle profile (so cars, trucks, and equipment won't bottom out) and large diameter openings of up to 10" (25 cm), the Super Hose Bridge is a valuable assest on any jobsite!

Featuring puzzle piece shapes for easy connection, the Super Hose Bridge comes with a 14,000 lbs per axle load capacity.

Ideal for work on:

Construction Sites
Parking Lots
In-Plant Use

Size - Length Size - Width Size - Height Weight
in in in lbs
126 24.5 12.5 540
Img 0151

Aluminum Manbridge

Manbridge PTE

Aluminum Manbridge

Lightweight 8' and 12' long Aluminum Manbridge with 9" sidewall brackets, work on steel and aluminum trench shields and Slide Rail Panels.


  • Integrated hand rails
  • 190 lbs. total weight for the 8' long Manbridge
  • 270 lbs. total weight for the 12' long Manbridge
  • 1,200 lbs. load limit

Aluminum Manbridge

Standard Metric
Model Height Width Length Weight
in in in lbs
MB-2x8 48 24 96 190
MB-2x12 48 24 144 270

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