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Extra Wide Stone Saver

Built off the same platform as the Heavy Duty Stone Savers, the Pro-Tec Equipment Extra Wide Stone Savers are designed to accommodate larger, wider excavator buckets, while still being able to be transported over the road without wide-load permits.

  • Rounded ½” thick bottoms
  • 3/8” thick side plates
  • Full-length internal wear bars
  • Reinforced ends
  • Reinforced arm gussets
  • Pulling lugs
  • Lifting pockets
  • 8” schedule 80 pull bar
  • 8” Schedule 120 pull bar on heavy duty Stone Savers 12 cubic yards or larger

Extra Wide Stone Saver options

  • Side extensions – further minimize costly material loss
  • Front pull bar – allows movement of Stone Saver from either end
  • Hook arm – permits use of bucket hook to attach to Stone Saver
  • Reinforced pull bar – sleeved with 7” x ½” thick pipe, reduces pull arm deformation
  • Wheel attachment – available as a smooth or padfoot drum – enables smaller excavators to handle larger, full Stone Savers

Extra Wide Stone Saver

Standard Metric
Model Height Inside Width Inside Length Capacity Weight
in in in yds lbs
SSHW-9 48 75 146 9 6725
SSHW-12 48 87 164 12 7730
SSHW-15 48 87 195 15 8510
SSHW-18 60 87 201 18 9620
SSHW-20 60 87 220 20 10300

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