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Trench Shield Standards & Options

Trench Shields standards & options

Pro-Tec Equipment

Trench Shield Standards

Pro-Tec Equipment trench shields (trench boxes) incorporate standard performance features that help improve productivity while increasing safety on the job.

  • Industry’s first standard 4-point lifting system
  • Industry’s strongest knife edge
  • Full length double top rail provides built-in “I” beam strength – on all 4” or thicker trench shields
  • Recessed collar assemblies
  • Professionally engineered and certified


What you need when you need it

The Pro-Plus package is available on all Pro-Series trench shields (trench boxes). The Pro-Plus option features three keys upgrades: double outside end post, ¾” thick collars and ½” x full length push pads. The Pro-Plus option is ideal for rental fleets because it can add usable years to the life of a trench shield.

Pro-Plus Package:

  • Double outside end posts: Provide extra protection on the front and back end of the trench shield from excavator bucket damage
  • ¾” thick collars: Reduces pin hole deformation and enlargement
  • ½” x full length push pads: Attached to the top of the trench shield, the push pad provides an extra layer of protection from excavator bucket damage

Additional Options:

  • Foam filling: Excessive weight buildup from soil and water inside of side walls is prevented by foam filling.
  • Extended collars: The extended collars provide increased usability from standard spreader pipes and are available on all Pro and Pal series trench shields. Extended collars allow the width of trench shield system to be extended in 6” increments, while using the same size spreader pipe.
  • Stacking pockets: Pro-Tec Equipment’s trench shields can be equipped with stacking pockets to connect shields vertically, while restricting lateral movement. With Pro-Tec Equipment’s stack pocket locations, all sizes of Pro-Tec Equipment Pro and Pal trench shields may be stacked with each other.
  • Cutouts/replaceable doors: Not every project is the same. Some projects require pipe to go through the trench shield. Pro-Tec Equipment can handle that problem by incorporating cutouts into the trench shield. Replaceable doors are also available.
EG 4 sided-Example Double-Square

Railing Post System

Pro-Tec Equipment's Railing Post System serves as an extra precautionary measure, providing temporary railing around excavations that involve trench shoring and trench shielding equipment.

Certified by a Registered Professional Engineer to meet or exceed O.S.H.A. handrail standards, the Railing Post Systems are two-piece, lightweight systems that can be adapted to work with sheetpile, aluminum and steel trench shields and our Slide Rail Shoring panels.

Railing Post System features:

  • Two-piece system: Post and Saddle are pinned together, enabling the posts to be easily removed to provide digging access for excavators.
  • Universal saddles: One saddle to fit sheetpile, aluminum trench shields, steel trench shields and slide rail shoring panels
  • Lightweight system: Constructed of tube steel. Designed to enable two workers to carry and place assembled systems on site.
  • Registered by a Professional Engineer: meets O.S.H.A. handrail standards. Each system has a stamped technical data sheet.

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