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Steel Road Plates

Designed with ease of use in mind, Pro-Tec Equipment's Steel Road Plates include flush mounted pick points to allow for easy, balanced handling with no protrusion above the Steel Road Plates surface.  Ideal for contractors, municipalities and utility companies, for use in street crossing, trench covering, temporary access over unstable terrain and avoiding unnecessary back filling.

All of Pro-Tec Equipment's Steel Road Plates are made from A-36 steel


  • A-36 Steel
  • Flush mounted pick plates
  • Half-moon cutouts
  • Balanced lifting points
  • Quick connect tool*
  • Pedestrian safe

*available with rental


Trench widths are based on an analysis per the 14th edition of the "standard specification for highway bridges" by A.A.S.H.T.O.  An assumed axle loading of 12 tons with a 30% impact factor was used.  The axle length is 6 feet; therefore the number of wheels carried by a plate depends on the roadway width.  

Plates shall be secured from lateral movement while in use by means of materials such as asphalt-base cold mix.

Width Length Thickness Weight Parallel "A" Parallel "B" Perpendicular "A" Perpendicular "B"
ft ft in lbs in in in in
4 8 1 1300 24 12 48 24
5 10 1 2160 30 15 60 30
8 10 1 3270 48 24 72 24
8 12 1 4100 48 24 72 36
8 16 1 5220 48 24 72 60
8 20 1 6530 48 24 72 84
10 16 1 6535 48 36 72 60

Steel Road Plates have not been engineered by Pro-Tec Equipment to be used in a trench shoring or trench shielding application.  If used for shoring or shielding, the engineering design is the responsibility of others.

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