Pro-Tec Equipment | Modular Aluminum Trench Shield (MOD) Series

Modular Aluminum Trench Shield (MOD) Series

Aluminum Trench Shield - Mod System

Modular Aluminum Trench Shield

The Pro-Tec Equipment MOD Series is a modular aluminum trench shield system that is lightweight and easily transported via pickup truck. It can be used as a 2-, 3- or 4-sided system with existing components and can be changed on the fly at a job site to meet the job’s requirements.

Standard features

  • Smooth wall panel design
  • Foam filling – prevents soil and water buildup
  • Accepts telescoping spreaders (TS4 Spreaders)
  • 2-way corner posts allow, 2-, 3- or 4-sided configurations
  • Professional Engineer Certified to meet or exceed O.S.H.A. requirements


  • Aluminum built-in knife edge
  • Steel bolt-on knife edge
  • Wheel kits
  • Adjustable legs
  • Lifting eyes
  • Stacking units
  • Custom sizes

Bottom panels can be omitted

Enabling use around existing pipes and utilities

The Pro-Tec Equipment MOD Series features the ability of being able to omit its bottom panels, enabling use of the MOD Series on projects that involve T-connections and/or crossing utilities, when soil conditions permit (refer to tabulated data).

3 Bay Mod Top View4 Way Corner

MOD Panel Depth Chart

Standard Metric
Width x Length Weight Max. Depth of Cut B Soils Max. Depth of Cut C-60 Soils Max. Depth of Cut C-80 Soils
ft lbs ft ft ft
MPS 2 x 3 38 50 50 42
MPS 2 x 4 49 50 42 32
MPS 2 x 6 70 38 28 20
MPS 2 x 8 92 28 21 16
MPS 2 x 10 113 23 17 13
MPS 2 x 12 135 19 14 11
MPS 2 x 14 156 12 9 7

2-way and 3-way post

Standard Metric
Model Description Length Weight
in lbs
MC-24 Two way post 24 19
MC-48 Two way post 48 38
MC-72 Two way post 72 56
MC-96 Two way post 96 75
MC-120 Two way post 120 94
MC3-24 Three way post 24 25
MC3-48 Three way post 48 51
MC3-72 Three way post 72 76
MC3-96 Three way post 96 101
MC3-120 Three way post 120 127
MC4-24 Four way post 24 33
MC4-48 Four way post 48 66
MC4-72 Four way post 72 100
MC4-96 Four way post 96 132
MC4-120 Four way post 120 170

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