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TM Municipal work

For municipal work, it's all about lightweight equipment that can still get the job done. These jobs include but are not limited to water and sewer repairs, hydrant installations and shallow trench runs. These are jobs that use a rubber-tired backhoe or light-duty excavators.

Equipment Needs

Light-duty Excavators

For projects that use light-duty excavators, Pro-Tec Equipment recommends our Pal3 trench shield series. The Pal3 is designed to provide the maximum amount of depth capability while still keeping the overall weight of the trench shield low.

For projects that are using a rubber-tired backhoe, Pro-Tec Equipment has a couple different options (see below).

Aluminum Trench Shield

The first is our ATS Shields. The ATS shield is a static aluminum trench shield, designed to be used similarly to the Pal3 trench shields. The spreaders for the ATS are an adjustable tube spreader, enabling greatly flexibility over static struts.

MOD Series

The other option is to use our MOD series. The MOD series is a Modular Aluminum Trench Shield that can be transported to and from the jobsite in the back of a pickup truck. The Mod series consists of two-foot-high panels, posts and spreaders. It is by far the most versatile system in Pro-Tec Equipment fleet.

Hydraulic Shoring System

The final option for municipal work is a Hydraulic Shoring System. This system is lightweight, able to be installed by hand, above the excavation. It is ideal for spot shoring, as well as spot repairs.

Every project is unique, with different depths and other extenuating circumstances, such as: soil conditions, water levels, existing utilities and other parameters. Please contact your local Pro-Tec Trench Shoring and Shielding provider with as many details as possible to ensure you are matched with the best trench shield or shoring equipment to fit your project's particular needs.

Job site photos are strictly intended for general product information only and may not comply with all applicable safety standards. Always refer to manufacturers’ serialized specific tabulated data, O.S.H.A. 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P for excavations and all applicable safety standards prior to each use.