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TM Bedding Material

Got a project in which you need to lay down bedding material? Pro-Tec Equipment has exactly what you need to minimize material loss and reduce jobsite congestion. The Stone Saver enables the bedding materials to be confined to a container that can be moved around the jobsite.

Equipment Needs

Excavators 90,000 lbs. or less

For excavators that have an operating weight of 90,000 pounds or less, we recommend using our Standard Stone Saver model.

Excavators over 90,000 lbs.

For excavators that have an operating weight of 90,000 pounds or more, we recommend using our Heavy Duty Stone Saver model.

Extra Wide

For those excavators that are equipped with extra-wide buckets (similar to sand buckets) we recommend using our Extra Wide Stone Savers.

Every project is unique, with different depths and other extenuating circumstances, such as: soil conditions, water levels, existing utilities and other parameters. Please contact your local Pro-Tec Trench Shoring and Shielding provider with as many details as possible to ensure you are matched with the best trench shield or shoring equipment to fit your project's particular needs.

Job site photos are strictly intended for general product information only and may not comply with all applicable safety standards. Always refer to manufacturers’ serialized specific tabulated data, O.S.H.A. 29 CFR 1926 Subpart P for excavations and all applicable safety standards prior to each use.