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Pipe Plugs and Testing Equipment

Multi plugs

Pipe Plugs and Testing Equipment

Inflatable plugs are used for plugging pipelines such as sewer lines to permit pipe maintenance, facilitate toxic waste containment, or remove blockages. Such inflatable plugs include inflatable rubber pillows or cylinders which are inserted into the pipeline and inflated with air so that they will fill the pipeline and function as a plug.

Ideal for use with municipalities, maintenance contractors, underground contractors, and rental companies, Pro-Tec Equipment stocks a wide range of Pipe Plug Equipment.

From Multi-Size pipe plugs ranging from 4" to 48" in stock ready to ship out to your job site. 

Deflection Gauge

Deflection Gauges\Mandrels

Pipe deflection gauges, also called mandrels,are used to test sewer pipe for out-of-roundness or deflection. The use of these gauges helps ensure that flexible pipe has been properly bedded and backfilled. Pro-Tec Equipment stocks these mandrels in single and multi-size for SDR 35 or SDR 26 pipe thicknesses.

Vac Test

Vacuum and Air Testing Equipment

Vacuum testing identifies infiltration and ex-filtration problems by creating a vacuum in the manhole and then monitoring for vacuum loss. This process is less expensive and much faster than water testing. Bladder style testers seal the inside diameter of the manhole cone. The flat plate style tester is designed to seal the manhole cone top surface. The vacuum generator style converts a standard air compressor into a vacuum source.

Joint Tester

Large Diameter Joint Testing

Multi- and single size high pressure joint testersare used for fast, safe tests, which typically determines joint integrity. joint testers are designed to test large-diameter. The joint tester allows users to pre-test before the backfilling operation begins.

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