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Clear Span Shoring System

The only thing that is inside this system is the structure or tank that you need to put in. When using Pro-Tec Equipment's Slide Rail Shoring System in a Clearspan application, you don't have to worry about any internal walers taking up precious space, causing the outside dimension of the excavation to be larger than need be.

Pro-Tec Equipment's Clearspan consists of external walers and tiebacks, along with a sacrificial beam, located at the bottom of the excavation. Our system is designed with the knowledge that time is critical and the cost of excessive, unneeded backfill is something every contractor can do without.

Pro-Tec Equipment can provide a Clearspan setup for all three of our systems (Single, Double and Triple track), enabling greater flexibility to meet the demands and needs of your particular job requirements.

For example, the accompanying picture shows a project measuring 12’ deep x 12’ wide x 69’ long (using 4 bays of 16’ panels). The project involved multiple fuel tanks being installed at Detroit Metro Airport with the aid of a PC 600 Komatsu excavator.

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