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Pro-Tec Equipment Slide Rail Panel Puller

Slide Rail Panel Puller

The Pro-Tec Equipment Panel Puller is a 90-Ton Hydraulic Slide Rail Panel Extraction system.  Designed to enable either direct connection to an excavators auxiliary hydraulic system or an external power pack that provides 5,000 psi to enablemaximum pulling force, the Panel Puller delivers enough force to extract Slide Rail Panels.
Using a 4.9” (125mm) diameter piston, and the ability to apply upwards of 89,900 lbf (400kN) of lifting force, the Panel Puller slowly and steadily lifts slide rail panels. 

The Pro-Tec Equipment Panel Puller provides enough force to pull a slide rail panel to an easily accessible extraction point. Designed with a 3’3” (1m) stroke, and multiple strap connections, the Panel Puller is able to achieve this through multiple lifts, while sitting on top of the excavation.  Additionally, the Panel Puller has the ability to provide site access relief on job-sites where access is an issue. With a smaller footprint than an excavator, the Panel Puller can be used to extract panels in the tightest of job-sites. 

Height Foot Pad Stroke Volume Max Pressure Max Lifting Force Weight
in in in gallons psi lbf lbs
110 24.5 x 16.5 39 3.24 5000 89923 2495

The limiting factor is the capacity of the lifting chain\strap

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