Pro-Tec Equipment | General Installation Steps

Step 1

Dig initial pilot cut (2-3’) and stage one leg of the Pro-Brace Hydraulic Rams. If using multiple levels of rams, they may be stacked upon each other to speed up installation time.*

Img 2663

Step 2

Assemble initial ram and extensions. If using multiple levels of rams, assemble the rams and extensions and stack on top.

Img 2677

Step 3

With top level assembled, begin placement of excavation supports systems.

Img 2734

Step 4

With all supports installed, connect the top level of the Pro-Brace to the bracing supports with Hanging Chains and pressurize system.

Img 2984

Step 5

If using multiple levels, excavate to next ram spacing and pressurize system.* Repeat until all rings are installed and pressurized.

Img 3141

Step 6

With all rings in place, excavate down to project depth.

*Site-specific engineering is required on all Pro-Brace projects. A Registered Professional Engineer will determine the number of braces, spacing and allowable system depth, based upon soil and jobsite conditions.

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