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Standard High Clearance Arch

TM Large-Diameter-pipe-vaults

High Clearance Arch

The Pro-Tec Equipment Standard High Clearance Arch is designed to allow enough clearance for large diameter pipe vaults, boring pits and other applications.

  • Provides 10 feet of vertical clearance when used on a 10’ tall trench shield
  • Provides 8 feet of vertical clearance when used on an 8’ tall trench shield
  • Designed to fit on all 8- and 10-foot tall Pro Series trench shields
  • Full range of bolt-on extensions to provide up to 20’ of internal width
  • Professional Engineer Certified to meet or exceed O.S.H.A. requirements

High Clearance Arch

Standard Metric
Model Length Description Weight
ft lbs
HC-ARCH 3 (2) Arch Legs 2800
EX-12 1 Bolt-on Extension 660
EX-24 2 Bolt-on Extension 820
EX-36 3 Bolt-on Extension 980
EX-48 4 Bolt-on Extension 1180
EX-60 5 Bolt-on Extension 1390
EX-72 6 Bolt-on Extension 1500
EX-84 7 Bolt-on Extension 1660
EX-96 8 Bolt-on Extension 1820
EX-108 9 Bolt-on Extension 1960
EX-120 10 Bolt-on Extension 2080
EX-132 11 Bolt-on Extension 2240
EX-144 12 Bolt-on Extension 2390
EX-156 13 Bolt-on Extension 2550
EX-168 14 Bolt-on Extension 2720
EX-180 15 Bolt-on Extension 2880
EX-192 16 Bolt-on Extension 3040
EX-204 17 Bolt-on Extension 3190

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