Our Newest Multiple Bay Slide Rail System: No Job Too Big!

Lakewood Construction of Holland, Michigan needed to get a big job done right, so they turned to Pro-Tec Equipment for the perfect multiple bay slide rail system.

Perfect for indoor use: a multiple bay slide rail system from Pro-Tec Equipment

When Transfer Tool of Grand Haven, Michigan needed to get a big job done, they knew they could count on Lakewood Construction to get it done right. Lakewood planned out the project and knew they could count on Pro-Tec Equipment for their construction safety needs, including a multiple bay slide rail system. Built completely indoors, it was quite a site to see!

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The location and circumstances of the project made it pretty unique. Diggers, panels, beams -- the whole lot of equipment had to be brought indoors into Transfer Tool's building. It was here that Lakewood Construction would carry out the project: building a press pit.

Pro-Tec Equipment had just what was needed for the size and scope of this press pit project. Using a multiple bay slide rail system, Lakewood Construction was able to get a pit that was secured. For three sides of the pit, it has slide rail panel height that measured 36 feet, six inches long by 26 feet, 6 inches wide by 12 feet. On the remaining side, the pit had 16 feet of slide rail panel height.

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With the proper installation, made easier with our slide rail's modular and flexible design, the pit had the proper shoring scaled up to just the right size. It was particularly important to have the advantages of our multiple bay slide rail system inside the building. The crew could then minimize the size of the excavation along with less soil disturbances and restoration time and cost. The multiple bay slide rail system also provided an environment where the press pit installation is done with low vibration and minimal impact on adjacent structures.

Overall, this project was certainly one where safety and quality were ensured on multiple levels. Equipment was a huge factor for zeroing out the chance for adverse affects on the site and the people working there. We are proud to say this big job was done right, done efficiently, and, best of all, all of the construction site workers went home safe to their families.

Thank you to Lakewood Construction (and Transfer Tool, too) for knowing when to #RentItRed so the job was done right and done safe.