Product Improvement: Double Slide Rail Post

After multiple tests, Pro-Tec Equipment announces the release of the Gen II Double Slide Rail Corner and Spreader post!

Gen I and Gen II Post

Product Improvement: Double Slide Rail Post

After first successfully testing our Gen II Slide Rail post in the Latin America market this winter, we tested the combination of our Gen I post and our Gen II post in a test pit.  The result?  Seamless!

The Pro-Tec Equipment Gen I post are the Corner and Spreader post that Pro-Tec Equipment has been producing since we entered the Slide Rail market. The Gen II post have been produced by Pro-Tec Equipment over the last couple years, but solely for the Latin American Market.  Now Pro-Tec Equipment is bringing the Gen II post to North America!

What are Gen II Post:
The Gen II post from Pro-Tec Equipment feature a combination of the tight track design (Gen I style) and a more open, slot track design for the inner track.  Overall, the Gen II posts are lighter in weight when compared to our Gen I post, roughly 900 pounds lighter. The Gen II posts only apply to the double post, as such, is only to be used in a depth range of 12' to 24'.

What does this mean to you:
Projects going to depths of up to 24' can now be installed and removed quicker and easier than before.  Have you had previous experience with the Pro-Tec Equipment Slide Rail System and liked it?  You will like using the Gen II Posts even more!  Did you have a not so great experience with the Pro-Tec Equipment Slide Rail system?  Try it with the Gen II posts, we believe your experience will be better.  With the Gen II posts, Slide Rail System installations and removal are quicker and easier on the system and the crew, without sacrificing safety.   

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